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+ Is it painfull?

On a scale of 10 the pain is 2-3.

+ Does it look fake?

No we replicate you hair follicules density and color.

+ How long does it last?

It last for 3-5 years then it will slowly fade away certain areas then you come for touch ups.

+ How many times will i have to do it before its done (sessions)?

3 sessions and minimum 7 days before a following session

+ How much is it?

Depending on the hairloss the price range is 1000-4500$ (not to scare the client away you tell them we do 2 paiements first is half at the first session and second payment at the second session)

+ What kind of ink do you use will i have a allergic reaction?

Our ink is organic there is no side effect it is actually safer than a traditional tattoo.

+ I dont like that straight hairline can i have a more natural one?

Of course you decide your hairline, sharp (barbershop), medium or soft (very natural hairline shaved look).

+ If i have skin problems or dry skin is can i get this treatment done?

If you have exema or skin condition we recommend you bring a doctor’s note that says it ok to get SMP done, dry skin is not a problem just gotta use some natural cream on your scalp.